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Get Ahead Kids - Vol. 6, No. 6 - November/December 2014

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Why Our Kids Know More about Technology than Us

By Yvette Adams

Today's kids are intuitively able to use every device, app, game and social network handed to them. Just give a tablet or a smart phone to a toddler and watch what happens.

But as life speeds up, and we're busy than ever being 'good parents', the technological gap between parents and kids seems to grow exponentially.

We expect the government and the education system to do something about it, but kids desperately need their parents to understand the technology they are using right now, and to embrace the technology.

There is no point in fighting technology or ignoring it. It's not going away, and the sooner parents get to know about it, the better.

Yvette states:

"Even if you're not convinced that technology is your thing, I'm hoping that you care as much about your child and their future as I do, and that you'll give this technology thing your best shot for their sake. You see, for the first time in history, our children know more than us about something: technology! Just stop and think about that for a moment. It's a crazy phenomenon!

Since the dawn of time, cavemen and cavewomen have taught their children everything they needed to know to survive - firstly, to hunt and gather and later to farm. Then, to cook, clean, sew, build and study, and, of course to love and share.

Then technology came along and turned every aspect of our lives on its head. Our kids just pick up devices and naturally know what to do with them! Love it or hate it, life is not the same as it once was. And it will keep on changing. So it's time to get up to speed with technology and what it means to be a parent in the digital age."

In her book 'No Kidding! - Why Our Kids Know More about Technology than Us and What We Can Do About It!', Adams says the challenge before parents and influencers of children today is immense and include information overload, rapid change, safety and privacy issues.

The author explains that this book isn't a negative tirade about the evils of social media or cyber safety issues, her major focus is to introduce readers to the many positive benefits of technology.

Yvette adds:

"The fact that we are preparing kids for jobs that don't exist yet. Not to mention the giant digital footprints they are creating.

The short of it is, the kids need us to step up. You see, at the moment, we expect the education system and the government to do something about it, but the curriculum can't keep up with the speed at which the world is changing.

So kids desperately need their parents to understand the technology they are using right now and how the future is changing because of it. In the book I also explain the massive skills shortages going on right now in the ICT industry and how you can get your kids into coding and ICT for a guaranteed career."

About Yvette Adams

Yvette is an entrepreneur and proud mother of two children aged 7 and 10 years. As well as being a busy mum, Yvette has built a thriving business from home, and now has several staff, 30 contractors and 5 trainers, and operates out of a commercial warehouse she owns in Maroochydore, Queensland.

The Creative Collective is a creative services and training agency that helps people achieve online success through the building of websites and digital marketing strategies as well as an extensive array of online and offline training. As well as assisting thousands of small businesses across Australia, she is now looking to help the millions of parents struggling to understand the impact technology is having on their families' lives, and how to embrace it, not fear it.

She has written a book titled 'No Kidding ! - Why Our Kids Know More about Technology than Us (and What We Can Do About It!)' to help them.

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