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November/December 2014
Summer Learning

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Get Ahead Kids® Testimonials

Dear Maria,

Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to promote our business through "Get Ahead Kids".

The response we have received has been exceptional and we look forward with pleasure to continuing the promotion with "Get Ahead Kids".

Tony Le Page
Free To Be Me

I've just read the latest "Get Ahead Kids" Magazine. It's another excellent edition! Our 'Sign it, Baby!' editorial looks great - and a full page, too! Thanks so much for all your assistance.

Kind Regards,
Holly Johnson
Sign it, Baby!

Good morning Maria,

My name is Dorte Bladt, and I am a chiropractor in Charlestown.

I have read your two editions of "Get Ahead Kids" and love them. The fact that it has local information, interesting themes, and a different lay-out. It is important information in an easy to read format. Congratulations on a job well done! We have your magazine in our reception area for patients to enjoy and the feedback has been great.

I have been asked by a couple of different people to write something about the alternative health approach and thought it would be of benefit to your readers too. I have attached a short article on kids and technology, focusing on the benefit of movement to the brain and body.

Hopefully your readers will find this of some interest.

Dorte Bladt
Doctors of Chiropractic
Family Chiropractic Centre Charlestown

Dear Maria,

"I recently picked up you new publication "Get Ahead Kids" and thought that it was a great tool for our local education community to communicate. Articles for parents were useful and informative and the publication is also an avenue for opening up discussion and recognition of what goes on in our schools, colleagues and universities."

Yours Sincerely
Angela Leyden

Hi Maria,

I have just read your January issue and thought it was great.

Joel Howlett
JD's World of Magic

Passing of Dr Greg Robinson

Dear Maria,

We received several copies of your magazine "Get Ahead Kids" Vol. 1 and were very happy to read your article on Irlen Syndrome.

The Irlen Clinic that was located at the Special Education Centre at the University of Newcastle was moved to Suite 2, 136 Nelson Street, Wallsend 2287 in April, 2007. I have been speaking to the Director of the Special Education Centre and he would like to know if you could advise that the address for the Irlen Clinic was incorrect.

The Irlen Lens program was operated by my husband Dr Greg Robinson since 1986, with Greg researching extensively in the area. He sadly passed away in December 2008 - which was one of the reasons the clinic was moved to Wallsend in 2007. He has trained Dr Joan Brien and she now is the diagnostician working in the Clinic.

We see clients from north of Gosford, the Hunter Valley and up to and including Coffs Harbour.

The more useful website that could be used is and this relates to all the clinics in Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you again for such a great article.

Bev Robinson
Regional Director
Irlen Clinic

Soaring Success

"Finally an Australian magazine for both kids and adults!
Congratulations on the inaugural 'Get Ahead Kids'. Great stuff!
Best wishes to everyone at 'Get Ahead Kids'. May your new magazine soar."

Paul Collins

Dear Maria,

I hope this email finds you happy and well and that you are having a great start to 2009. If the first magazine issue of Get Ahead Kids is anything to go by, you are having a tremendously successful start.

I just wanted to contact you to say thanks for the opportunity to get involved with GAK and that I think that the inaugural issue is excellent. It looks fabulous, has a very professional lay-out and contains well written and relevant articles throughout.

Best regards,
Nora Jones

Hi Maria,

I'm writing to congratulate you and your team on the first issue of the "Get Ahead Kids Magazine". The articles were very informative and the graphic design very impressive. I look forward to future issues.

Kind Regards,
Phil Mahoney
Retail Success Promotions Manager

Letters to Editor
Please send letters and stories with your name and contact details to:

Get Ahead Kids
Villa Franca, 2 Scott St
Newcastle NSW 2300
F: (02) 4929 7827

I arrived home to your parcel today. What a fantastic prize! I had no idea it was going to be so wonderful....I knew it would be good, but it's really quite an incredible piece of equipment...makes me wish I was one of the kids. I'm going to have to sneak it of the room and sit under the bed covers late one night. Thank you so very much. It will be put to very good use.

Thanks again
A. Spunde

Article of interest: 3 - 6 Year Olds & Computers

I thought the article on computers was very good and the checklist very helpful.  My 3 year old always wants to go on the computer and look for the Wiggles a Peppa Pig

Mrs C Townsend
Hamilton South

It certainly is a great way of educating parents further. It surely help parents to understand better about the importance of planning ahead for the better education of their children and for these very reasons I truly enjoyed the magazine.


Article of interest: Technology & Child Development... From a Chiropractor's Perspective

Its interesting to find out about the muscles you use with computers and technology compared to those for running around and exercising, and how it affects the balance and co-ordination of your child.

Mrs K Morrison

Article of interest: An Interview with Justin Norris

It's great to see someone who has done well in their career and is now passing on his knowledge to others. We have just enrolled in swimming lessons so this article was interesting to me.

Mrs A Turner

Article of interest: 3 - 6 Year Olds & Computers

I found the article informative and very relevant to decisions I'm currently making for my 6 year old daughter. I do purchase books such as those photographed and wonder about the best to choose.

Ms A Thomson

Article of interest: Digital Pen Gives the Edge to University Students

It is always interesting to watch new technologies and innovations appear. I take minutes of meetings and feel that the pen may also benefit it that situation as well.

Mrs Rea

Article of interest: An Interview with Justin Norris

It is humbling to see someone local live their dream, gain with a certain fame and still have both feet firmly on the ground in Newcastle instead of Sydney. He is definitely someone to be admired, especially for his work with his Swim Academy.

Mrs K Moxey

Very informative and relevant articles on real subjects not the usual advertorials.

Mrs Z Westley
Cooks Hill

Article of interest: Technology & Child Development... From a Chiropractor's Perspective

My son currently receives Chiropractic care and I can relate totally to the article and I too have seen improvements in him overall. I only wish I had know more about the benefits of Chiro earlier.

Mrs M Mason

Article of interest: 3 - 6 Year Olds & Computers

I was interested to learn that children that have access to a computer at home have been shown to perform better than children that don't have access.

Mrs L Rooke

Article of interest: Digital Pen Gives the Edge to University Students

I was absolutely amazed by the pen that records and links what is written to what it hears! It is incredible and fantastic the way technology continues to improve the way we are able to learn and record information.

Mrs L Paterson

It is very informative for busy mums.

Mrs Rachel Delany

Article of interest: An Interview with Justin Norris

Growing up in the UK I am a terrible swimmer and it is really important that my 2 year old grows up to be a confident swimmer. So great to hear about swimming academy.

Mrs L McClintock

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