When to start breastfeeding?

You can start breastfeeding shortly after giving birth as soon as you recover. The baby must drink colostrum, the thick milk that comes out in the first days after birth, because it helps him to grow and to take protective substances that help him strengthen the immune system. Even if milk production takes a couple of days, you shouldn’t start feeding your baby with formula or bottle, but keep offering your breast. When your baby is offered breasts frequently, even after 3 or 4 days you may notice milk leaking from the breast. Breastfeeding should be offered to jaundiced infants and children. Do not give the baby artificial teats.

During the first few days, mom may find it more comfortable to breastfeed while lying down. In this way, she will be lying on her side and the baby will be facing her; the mother can move the baby with her free arm and move her hand to bring it closer to the breast. A back support pillow for mom and baby will help them feel more comfortable. When breastfeeding from sitting, the mother should stand with her back straight or slightly bent, but the womb must remain straight. For this position you can use a stool under your feet if necessary; even a pillow on the lap can help mom hold the baby comfortably.

How to make the baby latch on better?

Babies breastfeed by opening their mouths wide and moving their tongue. Slowly bring the baby to the breast, letting his mouth touch the nipple. At the beginning of breastfeeding, the mother may feel pain in the nipple; however, constant pain during breastfeeding indicates that the baby is not latching onto the breast properly. The reason for nipple pain is that the baby moves his tongue over the nipple rather than the breast.

If the mouth is not open enough, the tongue will rub on the nipple, injuring it. If the baby does not seem full enough after feeding, there is a problem with the way he latches onto the breast. to reach the milk-filled ducts the baby must open his mouth wide.

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